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Innovative AI Solutions for Personalized Healthcare

At MITA AI, we revolutionize healthcare with cutting-edge AI technology, providing personalized and efficient care solutions that connect patients with the right caregivers, ensuring enhanced community well-being and better health outcomes.

Cost-Efficient Care

Optimize healthcare spending by paying only for the services you need, when you need them, enhancing efficiency and value.

Families, older adults and vulnerable

Search and reserve the best caregiver from the same community during COVID-19 pandemic!

Trust &

Our platform connects you with local, vetted caregivers, ensuring trust and confidence in the care provided.

Feel safe and Confortable

No caregivers are kept active without DBS, Background, Insurance & necessary wetting.

What we use Admin Dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard for seamless patient care management and real-time insights.



Your client get to choose their perfect caregiver

Background Checks

Background checks for caregiver are essential in the hiring process. They involve verifying applicants’ information through legal records, including criminal history, identity, education, and other relevant aspects.

Multiple Interview

Multiple interviews allow to gain a comprehensive understanding of the candidate and make informed decisions. Common interview formats include technical assessments, interviews, and rounds with seniors.

Driving Record Checks

Our experts can identify and assess risks, and implement robust security measures to safeguard your care service and data. The caregiver must authorise this action by signing a release form.

Apps for Clients and Carer
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Your client get to choose their perfect caregiver

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