Mita Face Mask

mita is producing medical grade face covering disposable masks for businesses and individuals under UK General Product Safety Regulations 2005, Version 1. EN 14683:2019, CE certified
*Face coverings are not Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or a medical device

Medical Grade Surgical protective Face Mask, EN14683 CE Certified, 98.5% BFE, Water Resistant, Fluid Repellent, Three Layer Filtration, Disposable, Hypoallergenic, UK Brand

Mita Face Mask


3 Layers of Protection


Layer 1 – Non-woven, Splash Resistant to keep you safe from any droplet carrying infection (Outer Layer)

Layer 2 – High-Density non-woven Melt-blown filter 25gsm (Middle Layer)

Layer 3 – 100% virgin PP Absorbent Non-woven 25gsm (Inner Soft Layer)


Mask Features



Soft Ear loop: Urethane Elastic Fiber 16cm. Iron wire with plastic coasting 9cm Nose Clamp. Highly stretchable, comfortable to wear and suitable for sensitive skin.



Splash resistant to keep you safe from any droplet carrying infection.


100 % Non-woven Fabric ensure better Breathability, Bacterial Barrier, Cushioning, Softness & Stretch

The Masks are Sealed in A Pack of 10.


Splash Resistant
Splash Resistant
Non-Woven Fabric
Non-Woven Fabric
Sealed in a Pack
Sealed in a Pack

Perfect mask for any indoor settings like office, school, factory, supermarket, grocery, cafe even when travelling through public transport, airports, terminals, malls etc.

Super soft cloth, environmentally friendly fabric, waterproof, anti-allergic

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