Tanjin Ahsan

Tech Lead and Solution Architect

Tanjin Ahsan

A True Team Player & Delivery Executor:

Tanjin, a digital innovation expert with over 15 years of experience in the financial technology and telecommunications (telco) domains, brings a wealth of knowledge. His proven expertise lies in software engineering, telco solutions, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, as well as mobile and web application development on a global scale.

Tanjin’s impressive track record includes full-stack development, end-to-end project management, and proficiency in middleware design and robotic process automation. As a true industry tech leader, he continues to drive innovation and excellence in the field..

“If you comprehend and collaborate with others, demonstrating care and support, it can enhance overall team performance and contribute to the success of both the team and the organization”

Selected Service Experience:

Tanjin’s extensive work experience with multinational companies and ensuring the high availability of telco service makes him an expert in tire IT sector. Implementer of Telenor‘s GBE. cloud service for a renowned telco provider.

  • He designed customer-driven IT solutions for operational excellence with guaranteed business growth.
  • His dedicated experience in leading the IT team to develop nine major tech projects such as LOS . MFS integration. HRIS. RTGS. Loan File Tracking System. Customer e-KYC. and other related digital business transformations.
  • His expertise in business requirements understanding with stakeholders and ensured end to end delivery as per project timeline. 
  • He has skilled expertise to develop high-end financial applications with the best possible next-level user experience for the users.
  • Also his hands on experience with core-level programming expertise with System Automation process with AI business process implementation.
  • He has industry proven implementation experience in Micro-service Architecture and Cloud Service Implementation Consultancy for Financial technology and Telco domain.


Tanjin is enthusiastic about providing superior care and service.


As a Lead, treat each other with politeness and kindness, even in challenging times.


Take responsibility for our roles and work towards common goals.


Collaborate as a team, trusting each other to deliver seamless experiences.

The Begining

2009 – 2011
Started Career with FAO-United Nation’s IT Consultant. As a carrier continuation later phase joined/worked with several IT Companies as a Specialized Developer/Senior Engineering Analyst. His responsibility includes development and management of the web-application/mobile application, UI/UX design, Software/Web Architectural Design, JAVA & .net web service integration, Server Management and Telecom related solutions. He has expertise in close client requirement understanding. During this period he leaded the Development of Aquaculture Feed and Resources Information System. He was the first to develop Bangla Text rendering in Android and iOS devices (Open GL Based text rendering before Multilingual Bangla Support) How the industry got benefited: Significant Contribution to FAO’s Research Database Formulation Reference: FAO Website

As an Engineer and Senior Analyst


Enhanced 200+ JAVA VAS Applications to support Docker Env. Develop/Manage Mobile Financial Services (MFS) for GP/ Telenor, Telco App to Bank node integration with Web Service management
Manage Linux/Windows Server with MySQL & Oracle DB (Userbase of 80 million). One of his prominent contribution here for MyGP and Gpay App, used by 80 million plus Telenor customers in Asian Domain

How the industry got benefited:

• MYGP App (99% Uptime Ensured)

• GPAY App (First Digital FinTech App for Telco)

As Account Lead and Manager

2020-2022 (IPDC and BD Finance)

As the team leader responsible for the design, development, and prototype creation of the comprehensive EZ platform (a digital lending platform integrated with e-commerce). He was instrumental in making strategic decisions related to performance visibility, internal accountability, repository/branch management, deployment, testing, load balancing, and reporting availability. He also fostered a strong team spirit and ensured effective coordination between developers, DBA, and the vendor. He consistently formulated contingency plans to meet our objectives, even under challenging circumstances.

How the industry got benefited:

With his unique Solution Design, he refined BD Finance IT infrastructure by striking a balance between local and cloud resources, which led to a 50% reduction in operational costs. This was accomplished by decreasing the number of physical servers, thereby reducing both the initial infrastructure investment and ongoing maintenance expenses. By shifting primary processing to the cloud and retaining financial data locally, we were able to significantly slash infrastructure costs. Furthermore, the ability to scale cloud services in line with business expansion yielded considerable savings.

As Principal Consultant and Tech Lead

2022-2024 (Ex PwC Principal Consultant)

As the project lead for an IT Modernization project at three major private banks, Tanjin, has skillfully managed a team of 10 developers and 6 business analysts. his responsibilities encompassed client relations, governance support, and meticulous monitoring of tasks and schedules. Leveraging PwC’s industry-proven “Integrated Project Governance Framework and SPM,” Tanjin also ensured the successful delivery of the project by evaluating critical processes and implementing necessary controls.


How the industry and relevant companies got benefited:

Additionally, in role as a technical architect, Tanjin has demonstrated exceptional expertise. Also Tanjin thoroughly assessed the client’s existing IT system and proposed an enhanced, scalable solution. By governing the implementation process, the team achieved remarkable results. Notably, his efforts led to a 40% efficiency increase and a 30% reduction in annual operational costs for a prominent stock exchange. Previously grappling with resource usage issues and potential deadlocks due to a lack of control over their multi-platform system, the organization expanded its hardware resources. His team’s ingenious solution—a micro-services architecture—provided fine-tuned resource control, ultimately resolving the deadlock issue and resulting in substantial cost savings.

Tanjin’s contributions exemplify excellence in both leadership and technical prowess. Currently he is now dedicatedly working for Mita.ai


of experience as Solution Architect for several MNC including PwC, Telenor, Accenture.


of industry, consulting & end-to-end application development  experience.


Transformations in the past 5 years


in which Tanjin has implemented Tecnology and Digital Integrations


Application Operation and Management with Real time Load Balancing Mechanism implementation

Team and Success Story

How Excellence was Achieved:

Case Study 1: Efficiency & Scalable Platform

For any organization embarking on a journey to digitally transform their business and engage with clients, a significant challenge arises: ensuring unparalleled performance and uptime for their user base. Initially, systems can adequately serve a smaller user base, but as the business grows, maintaining this level of service becomes increasingly difficult. While low-user-base organizations can manage their infrastructure with a single-layer design, multi-system dependencies can lead to a gridlock, as the system struggles to handle its own load.

The Solution: Configure the Architecture as Service Bus Design from the Beginning or at any Technological Transformation.

Case Study 2: The Cost Reduction Story

As a technical architect, I analyze the client’s current IT system and architecture. Then, I provide detailed recommendations for the next technology transformation. These recommendations consider how the new platform will enhance efficiency and capability, ensure future scalability, and follow an in-depth approach and methodology for implementation. The benefits of this new architecture include an up-gradation plan, a well-thought-out solution design, and a robust project governance method. Additionally, I evaluate both short-term and long-term ROI, which can lead to substantial operational cost reductions. For instance, in my recent recommendation to a renowned stock exchange, we achieved a remarkable 40% efficiency increase, while year-to-year operations expenditure decreased by up to 30%.

Case Study 3: The Cloud and Load Balancing Story 

In many organizations, regulatory guidelines restrict the development of fully scalable platforms due to strict requirements for maintaining local systems. Consequently, achieving scalability becomes challenging, especially as hardware needs and expenses can rapidly escalate with user growth. Additionally, the ongoing chip shortage crisis has made procuring high-performing servers difficult. Organizational bureaucracy further exacerbates the process, resulting in delays. To address this, organizations may consider purchasing extra servers preemptively, despite the absence of immediate business growth. However, it’s essential to recognize that load balancing remains a manual process with physical servers, as no Software as a Service (SaaS) model is currently in place.

The Solution: Use isolated environment segragating private and public data and processes, a shared cloud system design can be used here protecting regulatory guideline

One of many ways that we aim to keep providing customers with the best possible service is our continued investment in the education and growth of our people. We only hire the most highly-skilled professionals, and continually train and keep them updated in the latest technologies so we can help you win and grow your business.

Lifelong Experience

Recognized by the best

With a 15 years of professional experience and a pwc alumni, Tanjin was privileged to collaborate and work with following industry domain experts

The Projects and Github

Putting Values

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Tanjin's Expertise:

Professional Accomplishment
  • Project Management Institute (PMI)® (Certified)[Linkedin]

  • PRINCE2® 7 Foundation [Prince2.com] 
  • Cybersecurity Foundation (Certified)[Linkedin]

  • Cisco Certification Network Associate (Certified) [CCNA]

  • Amazon Web Solution Architect Associate (Udemy) [AWS]
  • Continuous Delivery & DevOps (Coursera) [DevOps]
  • System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services (Coursera)
  • Architecting on AWS (AWS Training and certification)

  • Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management (Online) [ITIL4]

  • Scrum Master (Linkedin Online)
Certifications & Trainings
  • Inclusive Leadership – PwC Vantage 
  • Definition of Prince 2 Project – PwC Vantage
  • Leadership training (Certified) BD Finance
  • Completion of Protecting Accenture’s Sensitive Information
  • JAVA 7 Professional Training – Oracle Java
  • ACCENTURE Code of Business Ethics Training Completion
  • Training on Security – Detect and Protect Accenture way, Training for Client Data Protection – Accenture
  • Wipro ERM/Data Privacy Training, Holmes Training
  • COBC Training for Clients
  • Digital 101 Training, ISAC Training Completion
  • Information Security Training completion for Wipro Client system
Professional Skills
Project Management (Using JetBrain's Youtrack - Agile Board, Task Management, Team Management, KEDB, Planning, Reporting & Time Tracking) 100%
Requirement Analysis and Advisory Consultancy 99%
IT Operation Management (200+ Application 99% Uptime and Load Balancing and KEDB Management) 95%
Infrastructure and Cloud Solution Architect (Amazon FSx, Azure Architect) 90%
Technical Skills
Technical Architect (Micro-service, Docker, Service-Bus Design, Business Transformation Architect, Load Balancing) 99%
JAVA, MVC, Web 5, Web Service, JSOAP, 3rd party integration 90%
UX Design, Prototyping, MVP Development (Using Figma, Swift) 99%
Mobile and Responsive Application Development/Deployment (Android, Xcode, Swift, Payment Gateway) 95%
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